Ellison Balanced Door Finish Options

Finish photographs are representations only of the finishes. Please contact our factory to obtain actual finish samples, for final review.

Formed Stainless Steel


304 Polished Stainless Steel


Formed Bronze


280 Polished and Lacquered
280 #6 Fine Satin and Lacqured



Advisory Note: Statuary Finishes shown here are for reference only. Statuary Bronze Finishes are to be field applied by a separately contracted professional finishing service, not Ellison Bronze. Please contact us for further information.

280 Medium Statuary and Lacqured
280 Dark Statuary and Lacqured


311 Limit
312 Limit
313 Limit
315 Black
Extruded Aluminum


215 Clear
215 Gold

Finish Options - Paint Options

Ellison offers two color coating options: a fluoropolymer coating (Kynar) paint finish and a premium powder coating paint finish, both in your choice of standard or custom colors.

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